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Hunter Code Symbols

Post  SixofSwords29 on Sat Sep 20, 2008 6:43 am

Like many others on these lists, early on in my new life I became familiar with a number of strange symbols that are routinely spotted around areas of imbued activity, and which hunters seem to be able to use to express a number of simple concepts and ideas to their fellow imbued across all boundaries of language, education or even literacy. It appears to be no less than a universal written language of some kind, albeit a very simple one, yet at the same time there remains the curious problem that we imbued are the only ones who are able to decipher it, or generally even recognize it as anything other than ordinary graffiti.
Normal people pay it no attention whatsoever, and if forced to comment on the symbols say nothing other than they find them vaguely disturbing or comforting, depending on the nature of the symbol itself.
I have also heard tales-perhaps apocryphal, perhaps not- about even the most cunning or enlightened monsters being unable to unravel the slightest bit of meaning even from a symbol emblazoned on their house or car, while two imbued with no common language or experience can communicate in basic concepts using only these symbols.
To date, to my knowledge it remains a weapon only we can command. None of us will argue with such a powerful tool, to be sure, but at the same time those of us who can't leave well enough alone can't help but wonder where it might have come from…and what will happen if our advantage one day loses its exclusivity.
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