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Game Dates

Post  iain on Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:53 am

Hi guys,

You should have noticed a new link on your menu bar at the top of the screen - calendar. I've populated this with all of the game dates for the coming year (apart from the December one - we should all agree when we want to run that one as I for one can't see myself playing on Boxing Day...).

This is also a calendar forum but that merely serves as a vessel to allow the calendar application to be populated. Please do not try to post there! There is also no useful info there so it can be largely ignored (sadly I can't hide it because if I do then you can't see the calendar entries - stupid software)!

If anyone's got any other dates they want added to the calendar then please let me know.

Also, this calendar now means that any queries along the lines of "When's the next game?" or "When are downtimes due in?" will be responded to by "Have you checked the calendar on Hunter Net?" by both Anna and I...


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