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The basic format for downtimes is as follows:

You can write as much as you want but please don't take the piss...

Remember, your characters all have normal lives to get on with (unless of course you're going to abandon that all) and you've also got to do things like eat and sleep. Oh yeah, and those of you with families have those to contend with.

So, while we're not going to artificially constrain you to doing X amount of things per month we'd also appreciate it if you only concentrated on the important things.

Downtimes should be mailed to us before the deadline date (and that's mailed to BOTH of us - don't make Anna write you emails about how she feels unloved because everyone mails me all the time and not her; you will regret this happening...). We don't accept verbal downtimes, downtimes written on the back of a beer mat in the pub, downtimes sent smoke signal or whatever other creative methods your warped little minds come up with. Also, we'd really, really appreciate it if you got your orders in ASAP as then we can spread the load of processing them. I frequently found in the last Sabbat game that I had received no orders until about deadline Sunday at midnight at which point about five hundred sets would plop into my mailbox. Remember, given that we're providing you with an almost free rein with these downtimes it means that that's more writing for us. So be nice to your STs!



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