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Wunderliche Dreifaltigkeit Empty Wunderliche Dreifaltigkeit

Post  Tom on Mon Mar 02, 2009 4:29 pm

George was lucky to be alive. Truth is, this wasn't a situation he was entirely unfamiliar with.

Reflection on the search and destroy expedition into the Iron Works would doubtlessly help to bring about growth, even though this was only his third engagement with the enemy. Another four tallies were placed on the inside cover of his journal - that pushed the figure well above double figures.

However, this did little to put his mind at ease. The deafening messages aside, the number of enemy conscripts in town was also well into it's double figures. A method of determining threat posed by each enemy would have to be devised, though this was well in hand.

Perhaps the most significant factor was proximity to the civilian population. Although the enemy were easier to find than insurgents into past warzones had been, he had a different fear. Namely, that the influence of the enemy could spread into the civillian population. This could have a number of problems, primarily he was aware that a number of enemy divisions (vampires, ghosts) could conscript civillians into their ranks.

Further to this point however, this influence could engender sympathy for the enemy. He could see this amoungst the other Imbued, or indeed amoungst bleeding heart liberals who called for an end to the death penalty, human rights for terrorists and so on.

This had been George's greatest revelation in recent weeks, and it was at least in part thanks to Freidrich Nietzsche. America was sick, sick with pity. Pity that bred a kind of weakness that allowed the darkness to spread unchecked through the roots of society.

True, he hadn't had much time to elaborate on the idea. Reading the idea's of others was difficult to say they least, more than often the vocabulary was unfamiliar and difficult.


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