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"Judy? What's up? How's the holiday?"
"You will not believe the shit going on up here."
"Huh? I thought you'd gone to bumfuck Idaho? What happened to hippies and horticulture? Avoiding trouble?"
"Montana. And yeah, that was the plan."
"Don't make me tease it out of you, Judy. It's past my bedtime already."
"Oh shit! The time difference. Sorry -"
"Yeah. So?"
"Picture this: small town, up in the mountains in a valley between a lake, a waterfall and a reservoir..."
"Very picturesque."
"Very. Now add white picket fences, timber buildings, an adorable little church -"
"I get it, I get it. Picture postcard."
"Quite. Now throw in a big Allies symbol slapped on a shop front."
"Seven - and I'm not yanking your chain - seven hunters inside."
"And get this - it's a hunting supplies store."
"Oh for fuck's sake, Judy, if this is your idea of a joke -"
"Straight up. Seven Imbued in a hunting shop. I know it sounds like a bad joke, but it's for real. And all imbued in the last week as I understand it."
"You're shitting me."
"Nope. And not as a group, either. They could use this town as a Complete Guide to Monsters."
"A Monster Manual."
"Never mind. Look, Judy, don't get any ideas. You're on holiday. We don't need a Complete Guide."
"I'm not getting any ideas. Unlike some round here."
"Gung ho greenies?"
"You could say that."
"Solidarity be screwed. Keep well clear. We may all be in this together in a big picture sense, but we need you back here in one piece. Do not get dragged into it. Your small town mountain buddies can get fucked."
"I mean it, Judy. Turn off the maternal instincts. They can learn the hard way. Hell, we did."
"That's what I'm worried about. The guy in charge..."
"They've got someone in charge by the end of week one? Hey, see, they'll be fine."
"No, Bobby. It won't. This guy is out in the woods, sees 2 hikers, and has his Specs up. They're wrong, so he puts bullets in their heads."
"Yeah, I'm still here. I'm trying to figure if that's the most single-minded sensible thing I ever heard, or worse than God."
"Let me help you work it out: he didn't check if they were local, or if they'd be missed. Hell, he didn't even work out what he was shooting at and whether it would take them down. And someone already found the bodies."
"Fucking amateurs."
"Lucky fucking amateur. The woman who found them is one of us. Bad news is, she's one of us because when she walked by the spot in the woods, 2 ghosts pop up because they're not very pleased to be dead."
"What? That's... absurd."
"Unlikely, anyway. You couldn't script this stuff. He dealt with one problem, created another, bagged an ally as trigger happy as he is, and still seems sure the local sheriff won't bat an eyelid. Why? Because he used someone else's gun."
"Well that was clever, anyway."
"What?! Some poor innocent guy is going to get dragged out of his house when they run ballistics, and charged with double homicide. And that's clever? Bobby, I -"
"Ah ah ah ah, I, err, I hadn't looked at it quite like that."
"Well I did."
"Judy, I want you to go pack your bags. Right now. Pack your bags, get in the hire car, and get out of Montana. Don't argue, just do it."
"What? Why?"
"Number one, because you're an accessory. Think about it. So get out of state before someone else finds the bodies. And number two, because I know you, and your conscience is itching right now to call the local sheriff and tell him. And that would be a bad idea, Judy. Really fucking bad. So get your ass back here where I can keep an eye on it."
"Should we even be talking about this over the phone?"


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