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Post  Penemue574 on Sat Apr 25, 2009 8:13 am

Its been a while. But they don't allow laptops in intensive care. I had to wait until I got home.

He is dead. The warlock or whatever he was, the cult leader. I got him.

We (me and my fellow local hunter) tracked the cult to the some woods about a week ago. It was night, there was a fire in the middle of the woods. All the gathering were women. I believe it was a "mother earth" sect or something. Anyway we came up close to them and I took cover in some bushes, the hunter the other side.

At first I simply watched. The cult leader came up and began to talk. We were too far away to catch it all but it was roughly him saying how he was one with the great earth mother, that he was here to bring women closer to the hidden nature. He spoke of magic, of unlocked talents in people. They were hanging on his every word, he whipped them into chanting and the area seemed to glow. There were mists, with faces, some of a divine looking woman, others of a snarling monster. It seemed he was embracing dauality, but I can assure you there was nothing right about it. The words he chanted I have heard before in refrences to witchcraft and demonic pacts. The women were in two groups, some mild and hiding away, others screaming and dancing. Like sheep and wolves. He refered to the two sides as the "breakers" and the "menders".

However when the mists took shapes akin to winged serpents, my compantion freaked. He run from cover and started blasting away with his shotgun. The "menders" screamed and fled, and I my heart skipped a beat when i saw her.
My sister was in with them. I couldn't move I was too shocked. She vanished iinto the night, but more on that later.

The "breakers" on the other hand turned to my compantion. He shot at least three of them before it happened. One pointed at him and he was flung into the air. The rest pointed at him and it was like he was being juggled, knocked up and around by invisable hands. When he hit the floor he was just a pluped mess.

I had my crossbow, and I tell you now I am glad for it, because when i fired I hit the cult leader in the chest, a lungshot. He hit the floor and the rest milled in confusion. I was in covered in a black cover my late friend had given me and armed with something that makes no noise. I took out three more, not thinking about it. Just fire, load, pick target, fire again. I could feel energy flying all over, branches were snapped, rocks hurled. They fled soon after, at least nine getting away. I walked into the center of the clearing to see how my friend was but there was no chance he was alive.

The cult leader however, was. I intended to draw it out, question him. But his answer was a simple word. An incantation.
My leg snapped like a twig, it started to smoke and I saw flames under the skin. The pain was like nothing I could imagine.

Then the pain went and my leg became incased in blue light. I felt hands around my body and I swear my sisters voice said "I only wished to help you, I would do anything to help you." The cult leader screamed abuse at my sister (I assume that was who was holding me...) before my bolt finally did its work and his lung gave way.

I woke up in a local hosptal the next morning. I have been in and out of being awake for days and was let go a few days ago. They said a woman brought me in and left, said I hurt myself climbing. I didn't deny that.
Apparntly my leg somehow became so intensely hot, the marrow in the bone boiled and snapped the bone.
I'm still getting used to having a limp, it won't go away.

So yeah. I am home now. In a lot of pain, sleeping a lot, but I am alive. As soon as I can walk again I will track down the other cult leaders and see what I can get.


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Post  capricorn432 on Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:57 pm

Welcome back dude. Glad you're ok.


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