Human Monsters

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Human Monsters

Post  dictatrix11 on Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:54 am

I learned about monsters long before I was imbued. You have experienced your own horros, so there is little need to recount mine about Bosnian prison camps. Now that I am imbued, I wish I could stand before my tormentors again. I wonder how many amongst them were not men at all, but the kinds of monsters I have found preying upon us all.
I do not revel in pain. Nor do I carry lightly the scars upon my soul. But as I have been burdened already, I feel it incumbent upon me to accept the pain that others might know, to lighten their burden. I cannot bring back your loved ones. I cannot mend your broken lives. Yet perhaps in me you will find someone shattered beyond all hope of repair or redemption. Perhaps seeing someone weaker will give you strength. While I grow strong, you will become invincible.

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