Free Hunter Stuff!!!!

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Free Hunter Stuff!!!!

Post  iain on Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:41 pm

Yup, free stuff is always good. Trust me - I'm Scottish; we know about these things...

Anyway, the nice folks at Drive Thru RPG are giving away on PDF one of THE best Hunter books out there - Hunter: The Walking Dead. Those of you from the last game will remember exchanges with those loveable scamps Ichmail and Carpenter169. Well, this book is where that comes from. Rather than me posting it all back here consider this PDF to be an archive of old posts from Hunter Net.

Don't worry about the rules section - that's all crunchy fluff that doesn't apply to LARP. The only thing you need concern yourselves with is the IC posts.

Oh, and ignore the artwork. Some of it really sucks.

So, to get your free book click here:

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