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Post  iain on Wed Feb 18, 2009 9:12 am


With the first game approaching we were considering the use of music. The last Sabbat LARP I ran seemed to really benefit from the music playing - people seemed to get more animated and rise to the occasion. However, the Sabbat game had the IC benefit of being set in a nightclub so it was appropriate that there be music there.

Hunter doesn't have an such IC justification.

So, the quuestion is, what do you guys think about music at the game? Should we have it there artificially or have blissful silence and simply the chatter of your little voices?



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Music (again) Empty Re: Music (again)

Post  Tom on Wed Feb 18, 2009 2:12 pm

I'd say an empahtic yes, I think music is really cool in games as long as its on pretty quiet (my hearing is terrible as it is!)

And as long as music is well fitted to the setting (I'm thinking some Johnny Cash or something along those lines) then I think there could be justification, namely if the first game is going to be people coming to investigate the massive sign on the front of Hired Gun then I'm pretty sure George would have a radio on.



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