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Post  traveler72 Thu May 28, 2009 5:32 am


From: traveler72
Subject: I've Got a Hunch

Okay, like the subject line says, I've got a hunch about something. Now, I ain't no thinker, so this hunch doesn't have nothing to do with the grand scope of how shit's supposed to be, and I ain't none of them 'judge' types who spend all their time planning ways to kill alot of monsters in a short period of time, so this ain't going to serve some tactical need. But, I do know people, and more important, I know the Imbued. And I'm thinking something is important in HOW we each get the call here. Some key point all the talking heads here on the main list have been missing.

So, as much as it might be seen as a breech of security to some of the yahoos like God out there, I want you folks to gimme a shout about just HOW it was you got The Call. Mind me here, folks- no personal details! I spoke to Witness about this already, and he IS gonna delete your posts or censor them if you put in real names and places that can give away where you are. But I need some information so I can check up on a few things. You folks would be doing me a HUGE favor if you cooperated here and gave me the basics. Thanks in advance.

Oh, and I put this out on all the Hunter-net lists, so it's by your conveniences. You can respond from any list you subscribe to. Thanks again, and good hunting.


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Post  Buck413 Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:21 am

I'm interested in this too. Maybe if we can figure out what we all have in common then we can figure out what the Enemy all have in common.

So I guess I'll go first.

For me, I was on duty overseas. A routine sweep, when the Heralds spoke down my commlink - "FIRE AT WILL" or some shit like that.

I don't know exactly what it was, a black shape over some fucking Hajji. A posessor, I guess - I wish I knew that at the time before I shot the bastard. Weird thing is, my 2 squadmates didn't react.


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