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Post  Buck413 Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:15 am

I read on here about v_mp_r_s using companys as cover for their activities.

I've come across an oil company, which seems to be acting as some kind of HQ for all kinds of targets coming in and out. So far, 1 posessor has been spotted within a few clicks of the site, so has at least 1 v_mp_r_, 2-3 bruises, and I have heard a report there may be more of the things up at that place.

I'm working on the idea that this can't be some kinda coincidence.

From what I can tell, this is some kind of regional office of whatever for this company. It operates at least on a national scale, which from what I understand means they must have some kind of HQ elsewhere in the country, as well as who knows how many know of these local offices. Now, without the intel on the whole company I can't say whether the whole operation is infected or not.

Has anyone else come across anything like this before? If so, how would you recommend safely investigating such an organization?

The way I figure, its pointless picking off the bottom-feeding rank and file scum working on this site if the "area manager" or whatever is just going to create replacements, or call in reinforcements from across the country and not to mention more hardware if too many of thier thugs go missing.


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Post  god45 Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:57 am

from: god45
subject: re: How to Continue

Unless you actually witness something going into or coming out of the company-owned buildings you cannot assume the company is responsible. To that end, your next step is obvious: long-range surveillance. Get a good pair of low-light binoculars, a couple of solid 35mm cameras with low-light film, at least one video camera and a number of rifles with bipod mounts and 30x scopes. Find at least three vantage points from which to watch the site. Place video cameras to watch over high-traffic areas. Use the 35mm cameras during your watch for spot observations of suspicious characters. Place the rifles at key locations and leave them there as insurance, in case you're spotted. The rifle scopes can also make for excellent observation tools, as oftentimes they are more powerful than binoculars or cameras.

Another means of surveillance is to place digital microrecorders in unobtrsive locations around the structure, such as window sills and near low-traffic entry points. This is less reliable, as you have to sift through the data you record for possibly only one tidbit of information that is useful to you.

Allies are useful here. If you know other Chosen in the area, get them to help keep watch. If not, then nights are usually the best time to set up your surveillance, as that is the common time to engage in illicit activities undetected. This works for the enemy, but also works against them, as the cover of darkness allows you to remain undetected just as much as it does them.

Once you have a solid idea of the traffic and personnel, then you start looking for individuals who might constitute a weak link in the chain of secrecy. I'll let you figure out how to determine which one of the enemy is most likely to give you what you want.

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