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Monsters under the bed.

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Monsters under the bed. Empty Monsters under the bed.

Post  Magnum450 Mon Jun 22, 2009 3:49 pm


"I'm sorry Sis, I just, I dammit I'm sorry that was stupid of me. The safety was on I just. I..... Is she OK?"

"She's fine, a bit freaked out and she probably won't complain about monsters under the bed ever again"

"I'm sorry I.."

"It's over love, sit down and put that thing away ya know I don't like 'em in the house"

Mary popped a beer and with a very practiced hand slid it towards her sister.

"You've been lookin tired recently is everythin Ok at the office?"
"Yeah, its err its..
"Ruth I know you been hangin round with George, the whole town knows it. He's a good man, a good American and hes sufferin for it. Its good of you to babysit him, it gives Danielle a bit of quiet time. It's just.."

"Oh don't tell me theres that kindda gossip!"
"No, hell no, its just the gun thing just now, you're supposed to be calmin George down but it just seems hes got you going gun ho"

Ruth looked at the grooves in the kitchen table and took a swig of the beer. She really didn't know what to say next.

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